Elegant food
Elegant food

Charleston, SC, was recently voted the second-best food destination in the United States by Tripadvisor, and tourists will find plenty to keep them busy with one delicious restaurant after another. Charleston is well known for its stunning architecture, rich history, sandy beaches, and romantic cobblestone streets, but the food scene is the main draw for many. According to Tripadvisor, Historic Charleston is full

No need to pick just 1…it’s Mexican + Sushi. Republic Development and Management Group announces that their Mexican + Sushi concept, MESU, has been awarded as one of Charleston’s 12 Greatest Restaurants by Opentable. In their recent The Greats blog, Opentable’s Stratton Lawrence has noted “The hybrid offerings stick to elegant and accessible flavors such as habanero edamame, ginger-glazed chicken wings, wisps

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Charleston, SC

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